Architectural Guidelines

That Govern Sea Crest
driftwood house The purpose of the following Architectural Committee Guidelines is to clarify and supplement Sea Crest Home Owner Association CC&R's Section 1.4. These guidelines and forms will be used as the primary rule framework for building construction.

Sea Crest construction requirements may be more restrictive than Lincoln County guidelines and in such instances, the Sea Crest requirements shall govern. Any changes or additions to these Guidelines will be approved by the Sea Crest Board of Directors.

Before engaging in the application process as outlined in the CC&R's, Section 1.4, a preliminary concept meeting will be held to ensure that planned construction will meet all required standards of both Sea Crest and Lincoln County in order to minimize, the need to redraw plans or rewrite specifications.

Subsequent to the concept meeting a Design Phase meeting will be held prior to final approval by the Architectural Committee. The applicant shall be required to provide plans and on-site physical information to the Architectural Committee (AC) prior to the design phase meeting.